Commentary on the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia regarding the arrest of the Armenian separatists by Azerbaijan

We strongly condemn the statement issued by the Armenian Foreign Ministry on October 4, protesting the arrest by Azerbaijan of the members of the separatist puppet regime created by Armenia on the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan as a result of its aggression and military occupation against Azerbaijan.

This statement clearly displays Armenia’s failure to abandon the aggressive policy and actions it took against Azerbaijan for decades. The statement also constitutes an attempt to justify the acts committed by those who are now under arrest.

The arrest of these persons in the process of the criminal investigation initiated under the applicable articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, regarding the aggression against Azerbaijan, inciting separatism, terrorist acts, crimes against peace and humanity, as well as war crimes and other grave crimes against prisoners of war and civilians, first and foremost serves to restore justice, and to undermine the legitimacy of these actions is completely unacceptable.

Moreover, Armenian Foreign Ministry is well aware of the fact that thousands of Armenian servicemen and members of illegal armed formations agreeing to disarm were let off free as a humanitarian gesture by Azerbaijan and traveled to Armenia without obstructions, and, in this regard, Armenia’s false propaganda is absolutely baseless.

The statement issued by Armenia, causing panic and brewing racial and ethnic hatred among the Armenian residents who voluntarily left Azerbaijan instead of encouraging their return, is an integral part of Armenia’s destructive actions hindering peace efforts.

Armenia continuing to make unjustifiable legal claims contrary to the norms and principles of international law despite its failures at the International Court of Justice, makes it crystal clear that it is not interested in the process of peace and normalization with Azerbaijan.

Such actions of Armenia constitute the main threat to establish peace, security and justice in the region.

Source: mfa.gov.az

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