Commentary on the statement regarding the situation around “Lachin road” by some special rapporteurs and the independent expert of the UN Human Rights Council

Claims of some special rapporteurs and the independent expert of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Azerbaijan’s alleged blockade of the “Lachin corridor”, as well as the “tense humanitarian situation” in the “Nagorno-Karabakh” region are both regrettable, as well as indicative of the attempts to turn UN bodies into a tool for political manipulations.

UN special rapporteurs and experts getting deceived by the manipulations of Armenia and issuing biased statements all the while turning a blind eye to the 30 years of occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan, the human rights violations against almost 1 million refugees and internally displaced persons, the presense of Armenian armed forces in the territories of Azerbaijan in the last three years, as well as obstruction of the return of IDPs to their homes is extremely worrying. Furthermore, the usage by the persons in question of expressions such as “Nagorno-Karabakh” in clear disrespect of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, the interference in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, as well as the double standards against it in the statement are unacceptable.

It must be strongly reminded that Armenia, besides failing to withdraw its armed forces from the territories of Azerbaijan in clear violation of its assumed obligations has also conducted their rotation to and from the territories of Azerbaijan and supplied them with munitions via the Lachin road, as well as engaged in looting of natural resources of Azerbaijan. These actions were met with silence by the UN and other organizations.

Azerbaijan has installed the Lachin border checkpoint in its sovereign territories to establish control over its own borders and to prevent the illegal activities of Armenia. Moreover, the July 6 decision of the International Court of Justice unanimously rejecting the appeal of Armenia for the removal of said checkpoint once more proved the groundless nature of Armenia’s claims.

Despite Azerbaijan’s facilitation of the passage of the Armenian residents, ICRC personnel, as well as the Russian peacekeeping contingent through the checkpoint, Armenia has falsely disseminated allegations on the “tense humanitarian situation” in the region to continue its illegal activities in the territories of Azerbaijan. It has also resorted to provocations, including opening fire on the Border Guard personnel, attempted smuggling, as well as the dispatch of cargo trucks to the territories of Azerbaijan without prior agreement on July 26.

Armenia has continued its provocations despite it being urged to refrain from the provocations against the Lachin border checkpoint and on the guarantees for a safe passage.

Azerbaijan continues to facilitate the passage of the Armenian residents through the checkpoint via ICRC notwithstanding the aforementioned provocations.

Coming to the issue of meeting the needs of the Armenian population living in the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan, Armenian side refusing the proposals of Azerbaijan on the usage of “Aghdam - Khankendi” and other alternative routes, as well as blocking these routes with concrete barriers despite these proposals being supported by the European Union and the ICRC, clearly demonstrate the claims on “tense humanitarian situation” to be nothing more than political blackmail and manipulation.

At this time, Azerbaijan makes efforts to establish lasting peace and security in the region, and in this regard it has put forward initiatives for the peace agreement, delimitation, as well as the opening of communications. The issuing of biased statements instead of supporting these efforts will not yield any positive results for this process.

Source: mfa.gov.az

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