Press release on further military provocations of Armenia

Republic of Armenia is intensifying its military provocations against Azerbaijan along the borderline regions.

According to the information of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on the evening of May 10, units of the armed forces of Armenia stationed in the direction of Zod carried out a deliberate provocation by subjecting the opposing positions of Azerbaijan’s Army to fire from various types of small arms, and as a result of this provocation, a serviceman of Azerbaijan’s Army was severely injured.

Despite the warning to Armenia to stop its provocations and deliberately not aggravate the situation, since the morning of May 11, the armed forces of Armenia have aggravated the situation and subjected the positions of Azerbaijan’s Army to fire from mortars, as a result of the provocations, one of our servicemen was killed.

Usual occurrence of Armenia's provocations against the backdrop of the intensification of negotiations on a peace agreement, as well as awaited negotiations between the leaders, shows that Armenia is not interested in the peace process. Such actions of Armenia, which undermine the negotiation process, must be seriously rejected and condemned by the international community.

In order to prevent the provocations of Armenia, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan takes all necessary measures.

All responsibility for the deliberate aggravation of the situation lies with the military-political leadership of Armenia.

Source: mfa.gov.az

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