Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan: Armenia should take concrete steps towards peace

In connection with the statement of the Armenian Security Council dated March 28, 2022, we would like to state that the direct reason for the escalation of tensions in the region is Armenia's failure to fulfill its obligations. It is Armenia's violation of the provisions of the trilateral statement that increases tensions in the region and undermines peace-building efforts.

Regarding the launching of international deterrence mechanisms, we would like to draw the attention of the Armenian leadership to the fact that humanity has not yet thought of a better means of international deterrence than international law. A state like Armenia, on the one hand, grossly violating international law, on the other hand, cannot talk about the mechanism of international deterrence. If the members of the Armenian Security Council still do not know what is the best means of international deterrence, then we reiterate the fundamental principles of international law, including respect for the sovereignty and international borders of states, non-interference in internal affairs of states and compliance with their international obligations.

As for the start of negotiations on a comprehensive peace agreement between the two countries, we would like to recall that for the first time, the Azerbaijani side proposed to sign a peace agreement with Armenia at the highest level a year ago, and a month ago voiced specific principles on which the agreement should be based. If the Armenian side considers the issue of the peace agreement not as the next PR campaign, but as a serious step, then it is time to take concrete steps. We would like to emphasize once again that Azerbaijan is ready for this.

Sourse: mfa.gov.az

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