Azerbaijan’s Consul General speaks to American Jewish Committee in Los Angeles

At the invitation of the Los Angeles representation of the American Jewish Committee (AJC-LA), one of the most influential Jewish advocacy organizations of the world, Azerbaijan’s Consul General Nasimi Aghayev addressed the members of the Board of the organization with a presentation dedicated to Azerbaijan.

Speaking at the event, Executive Director of AJC-LA Rabbi Mark Diamond, Chairman of its International Committee Gary Jacobs and AJC-LA’s liaison for Azerbaijan Eli Ibrahimzade stressed the great importance of Azerbaijan for Israel and U.S. as well as highlighted the fact that Jews have lived in Azerbaijan peacefully and without any discrimination for many centuries. They also noted the strong relationship existing between Azerbaijan and AJC.

Addressing the audience, Nasimi Aghayev informed the participants about the history and current development of Azerbaijan, its leading role in the region, its growing relations with U.S. and Israel, the life of Azerbaijan’s vibrant Jewish community, as well as Azerbaijan’s strong traditions of religious and ethnic tolerance and inclusion. Characterizing the relations between Azerbaijan and Israel as a “special relationship”, the Consul General said that “this relationship is sustainable and consistent, and meets the interests of both nations.”

The Consul General also spoke about the illegal military occupation of 20% of Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized territory by Armenia accompanied by ethnic cleansing of the occupied territories via forced expulsion of hundreds of thousands of ethnic Azerbaijanis from their native lands. He said in this regard that “the world cannot remain silent and idle while Armenia still continues this flagrant illegality and injustice.”

The presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session.


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