Azerbaijani community celebrates Novruz in San Diego, California

Novruz holiday was celebrated in San Diego, California on March 15-16, 2019. Supported by the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles, the event was held by the California Azerbaijan Friendship Association (CAFA) at San Diego’s renowned Azerbaijani-owned Cafe 21.

CAFA’s Executive Director Kimiya Mammadova welcomed the guests and informed them on the Novruz holiday, its traditions and symbols. She noted that Novruz holiday has very ancient roots in Azerbaijan and for millennia the Azerbaijani people have been celebrating this holiday with much love and admiration. She also talked about Azerbaijan’s ancient history, rich culture and art, as well as national cuisine.

Expressing her appreciation to Azerbaijan’s Consulate General; Cafe 21 owners Lala and Emran Javadovs; as well as all other community members who rendered their support to making this celebration successful, Kimiya Mammadova stressed that CAFA will continue to hold such meaningful events in the future.

The event continued with performances of Azerbaijani music by famous Tar player Sahib Pashazade as well as with a dinner featuring various dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine.


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