Azerbaijan's Los Angeles Consulate produced a short film on Armenia's Nazi glorification

The Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles has produced a short film on the glorification of Nazism in Armenia.

The film says: “Prominent American Jewish magazine FORWARD has for the first time compiled a list of all monuments around the globe that honor Nazi collaborators “who abetted or took part in the murder of Jews and others during the Holocaust”. The list includes 22 Nazi monuments in Armenia. Armenia has one of the largest concentrations of Nazi monuments in the world, including statues, memorials, streets, squares, villages, etc. All these monuments honor Armenian Nazi collaborator Garegin Nzhdeh, who is still considered a national hero by Armenia, its diaspora in the U.S. and beyond.”

“In 1942, Nazi Germany formed an Armenian Legion of Wehrmacht. Garegin Nzhdeh was in charge of this Nazi legion. The legion served in Crimea, Poland, Caucasus and France, where the Nazis were rounding up Jews, sending them to death camps. For his collaboration with the Nazis, Nzhdeh was sentenced to 25 years in prison. A statue of Nzhdeh was unveiled in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan in 2016. The President of Armenia and other officials attended the unveiling. A square and a metro station in Yerevan are named after Nzhdeh. State-sponsored films are made extolling Nzhdeh’s “virtues”.”

“According to Anti-Defamation League, Armenia is the second most anti-Semitic nation in Europe. Nzhdeh was among leaders of the radical Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaks). In 1933, Nzhdeh founded in Boston a racist Dashnak movement called “Tseghakronism,” echoing Aryan supremacy theories of the Nazis and advocating for an “Armenian Master Race”.”

“Dashnaks, who sympathized with Hitler and supported the Holocaust, are still active in U.S. Their lobbyist arm ANCA is today the main Armenian lobby organization in the U.S. Congress. Dashnaks/ANCA have never apologized for their pro-Nazi past.”

The film can watched here:

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