Azerbaijan to partially soften coronavirus restrictions from April 27

It has been decided to soften some of the restrictions introduced as preventive measures to combat coronavirus pandemic in Azerbaijan, Trend reports on April 24 referring to the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of the country.

The current sanitary and epidemiological situation related to the COVID-19 virus, in particular, the dynamics of the disease spread and coverage, the density of people in quarantine zones and cases of infection among them have been analyzed. As a result, it was decided to soften some of the country-wide restrictions from April 27.

Thus, from 00:00 on April 27, the decision was made to:

1) Online queue booking through the ASAN mobile application, the web-site and the call center of the reception of citizens at ASAN Service centers starts;

2) resume the following activities and services:

- taking lessons with tutors and private teachers (except for group classes);

- selling books;

- selling newspapers;

- selling office supplies;

- copying and printing activities;

- photo studios;

- cleaning services for private housing;

- services of tailors;

- selling cosmetics and perfumes;

- selling clothes;

- selling shoes and leather goods;

- selling gold and other jewelry, pawnshop services;

- selling mobile phones, spare parts and accessories;

- selling computer equipment;

- selling electronics and household appliances;

- selling furniture;

- car sales;

- selling chemical products;

- selling flowers and plants;

- selling agricultural machinery, spare parts and equipment;

- selling fertilizers and agrochemical products.

The restrictions in operation of facilities from the above areas, which are located in shopping centers and malls, remain to be in force.

The movement of persons working in the areas from which the restrictions have been lifted to be allowed after entering information about them by their employers into the icaze.e-gov.az portal.
During the pandemic, the activities of the relevant structures and service sectors in Azerbaijan must be carried out in accordance with the necessary sanitary and epidemiological rules and conditions of social behavior, which will be prepared and announced by the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers.

From 00:00 on April 27, the permit received by SMS to 8103 number for leaving home is extended from 2 to 3 hours.

Citizens must appeal to obtain the permit in the following cases:

● "1" - due to the need for receiving emergency medical care or treatment according to the schedule (permit in the city and the district is issued for 3 hours; in case of need for movement between the districts and cities, the distance between the place of residence and the place to go, and also the duration of the treatment procedure shall be taken into account); the duration of the return is determined by a certificate issued by a doctor, which, if necessary, must be shown to the police officers.

● "2" – in order to leave home due to the need to use services in areas, activities of which are permitted (the permit is issued to leave home for 3 hours once a day).

● "3" - to leave the house due to the participation in a close relative’s funeral.

The sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country is systematically analyzed and the relevant rules are applied in accordance with the existing situation.

Therefore, if so required by the general situation on the coronavirus infection dynamics, the special quarantine regime may be resumed.

Source: Trend

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