Consul General Nasimi Aghayev highlights the surge in hate crimes in California

Consul General of Azerbaijan and the Dean of Los Angeles Consular Corps Nasimi Aghayev spoke on April 17 at Virtual Iftar hosted by Irvine Mayor Farrah N Khan and Dr Amna Qazi. US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, California State Senator Josh Newman, California State Controller Betty Yee, Arizona State Senator Tony Navarette, Ambassador of Pakistan, Consuls General of Turkey and Canada, Hon. Consul of Senegal, faith and community leaders were among the speakers of the event. Washington Governor Jay Inslee sent a video message.

In his remarks, among other things, Consul General Aghayev said:

“When we see terrorists attacking and killing innocent people at mosques or churches or synagogues, we feel devastated. We also feel devastated when we see the rising numbers of hate crimes committed against minorities in California, against the Asian, Pakistani, Jewish, Turkish, or the Azerbaijani community. We feel even more devastated when the elected leaders choose to selectively condemn such horrendous crimes, which makes the fight against hate crimes dependent on political expediency. Due to such political recklessness and opportunism, racist bigots representing some politically well-connected groups feel emboldened to commit hate crimes against members of smaller and underrepresented groups with impunity and are allowed to go scot-free.

But feeling devastated and angry is not enough. This bigotry and intolerance taking hold here and many different parts of the world should not make us feel desperate and helpless. On the contrary it must be a call to action for all of us. To double or triple whatever we are doing to fight that hatred, to fight that bigotry wherever and in whatever form it appears, and to demand the real fight against hate crimes, not just in words and beautiful political statements, but also strongly in deeds.”

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